Week 11

As our group thought about it more, we decided on a more condensed and specific list of tasks for us to complete.

The framework for our event is a school assembly.

Here is some of our initial ideation about how to put on assembly and what we want to include in our toolkit.

As part of Public Relations, our job is to provide the school/organization with the resources and materials necessary to put on this assembly.

After further discussion we decided that our toolkit should include resources and materials for varying degrees of a presentation for kids, from in-classroom activities led by the teacher, to assemblies for entire grades of students. Our job is to provide options for this toolkit, and that’s exactly what we are going to do.

Here is a more condensed list of things we want to include in our toolkit for administrators:


Another event that we are in charge of is a community outreach event that we are having at a local hardware store to build a hive. We are in charge of getting the word out about that event, and the mediums we chose to do that are through a Facebook event, as well as flyers at local community centers, coffee shops, and churches. Not only will this flyer provide information about the event, but also a way to reach the location of the event via public transportation. We thought about putting that in one of the deliverables that we give to kids at schools to take home to kids, but that decision hasn’t been made yet.

Here are some of the contacts for school administrators where we could have our assembly.

Leola Elementary School  

Dr.Colleen Pavlovec

Conestoga Valley School District

Linda_Parker@conestogavalley.org, Jane_Hurst@conestogavalley.org


Why?: Leola Elementary School serves an area that is 62% low economic status


Buchanan Elementary

340 South West End Avenue

Ms. Stacey Kain

School District of Lancaster  



Robert Fulton Elementary School

225 West Orange Street   

Stephen Sohonyay

School District of Lancaster



Carter & MacRae Elementary School

215 South Prince Street

Rachel Esh

School District of Lancaster



Thomas H. Burrowes Elementary

1001 East Orange Street

Gary Hess

School District of Lancaster



Here are some places for community outreach to have this event:

YWCA of Lancaster

110 N. Lime Street

Christelle Thaw-Bolton


717 869 5016


Boys and Girls Club of Lancaster

116 South Water Street

Darryl Waters

717-397-5514 x3101


Lancaster City Public Library

125 N. Duke Street (Lancaster, PA 17602)


Heather Sharpe (Executive Director) 717-394-2651 x108

Leigh Kaliss (Volunteer and Outreach Coordinator) 717-394-2651 x101

Coreena Byrnes (Children and Teen Services Manager) 717-394-2651 x100


Here is the table of contents for the toolkit we are giving to administrator and organization leaders:

  1. Introduction
  2. Justification for Activity
  3. Different Applications
    1. In-Classroom
      1. Justification for event/ Why you would do it this way
      2. Resources/Contacts
      3. Talking Points for Speakers
      4. List of activities for students
      5. How to get handouts to kids to take home
    2. Assembly
      1. Justification for Event/ Why you would do it this way
      2. Resources/Contacts
      3. Talking points for Speakers
      4. Activities for Students to complete after assembly or at home
      5. How to get kids excited about event
        1. Social Media → Snapchat GeoFilter
      6. How to get handouts to kids to take home
    3. Field Trip
      1. Justification for event
      2. Resources/Contacts

Here is what we have so far for the toolkit:


The Millersville Design for Social Equity team is dedicated to achieving three main goals: education about, rehabilitation, and preservation of honey bees through impactful design. We hope that this is something that you and your administration want to teach your students in a fun and impactful way. In this toolkit you will find many different ways to set up this event at your school. There are resources and activities for various applications of this activity, whether is is an in-classroom activity, a school assembly, or a field trip. The option is up to you! The goal of this toolkit is to provide you as an administrator with the right information and access to resources to make this event a success for your students!



The decreasing bee population is becoming more detrimental to our society. Bees are pollinators. They are responsible for the reproduction of different plants and food sources for humans. Without bees, our food supply for our growing population will falter significantly. The purpose of this event is to increase the awareness and knowledge that young students have in regard to bees and the purpose the bees serve in our environment. Through guest speakers, field trips, and in-classroom activities, students will engage with the material in a way that is enriching and informative, as well as provide students with ways that they can have a big impact on the world around them at such a young age.



  1. In the Classroom
    1. In the classroom activities are for schools that could not fund a field trip but still find value in exposing their students to this particular content. These activities could be facilitated by the teacher with the resources and materials provided and allow for students to gain a basic understanding of bees and their importance as well as the impact that they could have. These activities allow students a more hands-on experience and allow them to create something that they can take home to their parents and share with them.
      1. Activity 1:
        1. Buzzing in a Hive Lesson Plan from The Lawrence Hall of Science
        2. http://store.lawrencehallofscience.org/Item/gems-buzzing-a-hive
        3. Price: $20.00 (includes lesson plan only)
        4. Materials List: http://www.lhsgems.org/GEMSpdf/Materials/Buzzing%20a%20Hive.pdf
      2. Activity 2:
        1. Natural Beach Living: The Ultimate Life Cycle Printables
        2. https://www.naturalbeachliving.com/the-ultimate-life-cycle-printables/
        3. Price: $7.99 (includes lessons only)
        4. Activity: Mason Bee Habitat
        5. https://www.naturalbeachliving.com/mason-bee-habitat/
      3. Activity 3:
        1. Scholastic: Get the Buzz on Honey Bees
        2. http://www.scholastic.com/browse/unitplan.jsp?id=283
        3. Price: Free (free download for pdfs)
        4. Activities: (1 per lesson)
          1. http://www.scholastic.com/browse/lessonplan.jsp?id=794
          2. http://www.scholastic.com/browse/lessonplan.jsp?id=795
          3. http://www.scholastic.com/browse/lessonplan.jsp?id=796
          4. http://www.scholastic.com/browse/lessonplan.jsp?id=797
      4. Take Home Activity
        1. Hand out book and comic that comes with our program and resources
    2. Speakers In the Classroom
      1. Beekeeper: Backyard Beekeeper’s Association
        1. https://backyardbeekeepers.com/wp/need-a-speaker/
        2. Price: Donation of up to $200 for 60-90 minute presentation
        3. Contact:
          1. Peter Van Hagen
          2. (203) 256-1467
          3. outreach@backyardbeekeepers.com
      2. Ryan The Bug Man Bridge
        1. https://ryanthebugman.com/
        2. Program Name: Mother Nature’s Miracles
        3. Price: TBD
        4. Contact:
          1. 717-916-4509
      3. Montgomery County Beekeeper’s Association Speakers List
        1. http://www.montcopabees.org/services-resources/speakers/
        2. Disclaimer: All speakers are volunteers whose views, opinions and presentations may not represent the positions of MCBAPA and should not be considered to be representatives of MCBAPA.
    3. Take Homes For The Kids
      1. Take Home 1
        1. Insert statement about the take home here
      2. Take Home 2
        1. Insert statement about the take home here

After adding these links and resources to our toolkit, I realized that we would need to ask these organization and speakers for their permission to put their contact information and resources into our toolkit. I drafted emails that we would send to these organizations asking for their permission to include their resources and contact information in our toolkit. This is what those emails looks like:

Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 8.57.44 AMScreen Shot 2017-11-14 at 8.57.56 AM


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